Florence Pin (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, completing her BFA in Photography at Concordia University in 2021. Working in various mediums such as installation, photography, performance, and sculpture, Florence's research over the last few years pulls influence through themes of memory and nostalgia.

Manifesting themselves in unique ways, the subjects of her work derive from the convergence of her past and present; her childhood memories and fragility, the concept of home, trauma and selective memory, and the construction and deconstruction of identity. Her artistic process consists of exploring the relationships between an object and how it interacts physically with the body and surrounding environment, as well as mentally and emotionally through memories. Through mediums such as installations and photography, she uses this process to create ephemeral assemblages to rebuild the connections between the physical non-physical - often exploring the selective nature of memories and nostalgia. 

Inspired by the environments that shaped her childhood and the search to reconcile distinct memories and nostalgia, she immerses herself in the similarities between the tangible and their surroundings. Intrigued by the transformation of a physical object once introduced to a new environment, and how it reacts to its new surroundings over time.She reenacts childhood memories by wandering through the landscapes of her upbringing, collecting organic objects and bringing them into the studio. Even though some of her subject matter can be triggering, she approaches her work with sensibility and tenderness. This deliberate yet delicate touch lends its way towards the path of healing. Although she uses objects that have specific meaning to herself, she offers her audience a glimpse into her world - broadening their views through different perspectives and mindfulness.

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